The Performance Lab®

Agility. Balance. Power.

The Performance Lab is a unique and innovative treatment developed by Dr. Noble after a decade spent decoding the connection between the health of the nervous system and performance. Participants see dramatic, lasting improvements in their agility, balance, and power within a single 30-minute session. These results are attainable for everyone regardless of age or physical conditioning.

A Transformative Experience


“After one session I felt a significant improvement in my skiing.”

Alexandra L.

“I think the LAB has seriously upped my mountain bike game. I’ve been riding stuff I never dreamed of this week. Set a PR on Double Down today in pretty slippery conditions too.”

Steve F

“Interesting results! I went to a yoga class last night and felt stronger than I have in the last year.”

Ian L.

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A Performance Lab Session

The session begins with a physical challenge (see the basic series) such as balancing on one leg on the balance board or doing a one-armed plank.  Dr. Noble observes and assesses your body’s ability to complete the movement and identifies weaknesses that are impeding your performance. Next, Dr. Noble provides the needed treatment and you try again. The process is repeated until you succeed. These results are attainable for everyone regardless of age or physical conditioning.

The Basic Series

The physical challenges are organized into an 8 part series, some people move faster or slower through the phases but in general, it takes about 8 sessions to go through all phases. Try Phase 1 or complete the series, either way, it will be a transformative experience.

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Who should Try it?

Anyone who wants to move with confidence, improve their balance, and boost their power: athletes wanting better performance, older people wanting to age gracefully, and for children who lack coordination.

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