Dr. Noble has been helping Bellingham athletes recover from injury, become stronger and perform better since 2006. After treatment, many athletes report improved performance- they found themselves impressing their training partners in workouts and setting new PRs.

With the introduction of the Performance Lab in 2018, we have an unbeatable combination of services to propel athletes to new heights.

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“I was surprised by how much intensive training I was able to do accomplish without getting injured or needing an extensive time to recover. I also have […] dropped seconds off my time…”

– Eleanor Logan, 2X Olympic Gold Medalist (2008, 2012) in Women’s-8 Rowing



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Thank you so much for helping me achieve one of my high school dreams by bringing home the 1A State Cross Country Title. I couldn’t have done it without your help!”

– Dillon Quintana, 2012 1A State Cross Country Champion, 2013 1A State 2-mile Champion




Image result for noble chiropractor athletes“Shortly after seeing Dr. Noble I started feeling stronger and more powerful on the bike. I saw an increase in my wattage during training and faster recovery times off the bike.”

– Jeff Beltramini, MFG Cyclocross Series 45+ 1-2 Champion, 1st Place 2013 BC Bike Race 80+ Men’s Duo