back pain patient Bellingham, WABack Pain

Back pain like neck pain is a symptom of the dysfunction in your spine and nervous system. This dysfunction causes muscles to tighten and delay in their firing pattern and ligaments and discs to become injured. This then creates a negative feedback loop where inflammation stays persistent. Over time this inflammation erodes discs and creates boney changes such as bone spurs in the spine. Back pain typically begins with fairly mild pain. Then there is a bigger episode because the function continues to degrade. A cycle of pain and little to no pain typically exists but each pain episode is potentially worse. This can go on for years, each episode intensifying in some way as the function continues to degrade; discs are breaking down, muscles are bowing to scar tissue and ligaments become more and more vulnerable to injury. Addressing the dysfunction is the only way to the stop the downward spiral of pain and limitation. We address and fix the function to the best possible state, breaking the negative feedback loop and reducing pain.

Our Chiropractic Approach

Specific chiropractic adjustments can help improve spinal function. By restoring the way your spine works, discs and soft tissues may heal, nerve involvement may be reduced, pain can ease and better stability can return.

“After almost three years of back pain, thinking that more exercise and stretching would relieve the pain, I finally decided to get some medical help. Among the myriad of possibilities that I could have chosen I decided Noble Chiropractic would be the best option. I really appreciate Dr. Noble’s holistic approach, not just treating the symptoms. After only two months I am sleeping better, feeling stronger and living a much better physical life than before.”

– Hunter, Bellingham, WA – Wellness