We see athletes of all levels who want to increase their performance, become stronger and recover from injury. The combination of Chiropractic care and The Performance Lab accelerates the process, tuning the body and increasing agility, balance and power.

People resisting the effects of aging

Many people come to us because they don’t want to see their quality of life diminish as they age. Our services provide a path to better balance, strength, and stability allowing you to keep doing things you love. In many cases, people can resume activities they had given up or even take up something new.

People who want to feel better

Our unique combination of chiropractic care and The Performance Lab provides many options and paths for healing. As Dr. Noble works to strengthen the nervous system and the body, we often hear that not only are the original aches and pains that brought someone in diminishing, but other issues are resolving as well.


Children benefit from chiropractic as they develop. See blog development of a child’s nervous system