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What Bellingham Residents Say About Noble Chiropractic


Significant Change in My Energy Levels

“Since starting care from Dr. Noble I have noticed a significant change in my energy levels, in a positive way. I feel my body has better balance and muscles are being turned on that have been turned off for so long.”

8/24/1015 – S.Parker

Had one of my best seasons

I had one of my best seasons last season after working with Dr. Noble consistently during the off-season…my body has never felt better and never felt stronger.”

Michael Koenen, NFL’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ Punter/Kicker

Two-Time Olympic Gold Medalist

“My name is Eleanor Logan and I am a two-time Olympic gold medalist in 2008 and 2012 for rowing in the women’s eight.  When I was referred to Dr.Noble by a friend I was initially just seeking someone who could adjust my back and get the relief from the stress of training 3-5 hours a day puts on my body.  I have never fully understood the exact science behind chiropractors but I do know that every time I went to a chiropractor I always felt better afterwards.  The adjustments in the past always gave me relief, however, it was always only a temporary relief, the next day or the next week I always felt “out of place” and had pain again.  Since moving to Bellingham in February and working with Dr.Noble I have discovered that I have been functioning at a low level.  Dr.Noble explained to me that my body hasn’t been “running on all cylinders.”  I was actually excited to hear this because if we could get my body to function on “all cylinders” then I could train harder and more often, and potentially get even faster.

Dr. Noble played a major role in helping me achieve my goals

“My name is Jeff Beltramini and I started seeing Dr. Noble in September of 2012.  I am an avid cyclist and I like to compete in cyclocross and mountain bike races. I came to Dr. Noble after watching a friend recover from an injury and how quickly he was progressing with the help of Dr. Noble. Shortly after seeing Dr. Noble I started feeling stronger and more powerful on the bike. I saw an increase in my wattage during training and faster recovery times off the bike. With the help of Dr. Noble I was able to become MFG Cyclocross Series 45+ 1/2 Champion, place 2nd Overall in the Seattle Cyclocross Series and get on the podium at the USGP of Cyclocross in Bend, OR by placing 3rd. There is no doubt seeing Dr. Noble played a major role in helping me achieve my goals.”

Jeff Beltramini, Anacortes, WA – MFG Cyclocross Series 45+ 1/2 Champion, 1st Place Duo 80+ Men BC Bike Race 2013

I can’t imagine my life without Noble Chiropractic

“While receiving care from Dr Noble, I have seen dramatic performance increases on my mountain bike. After two major leg injuries, I didn’t think I would ever get back to where I was. Not only am I back but I am crushing all of my previously timed sections of trail on Bellingham’s amazing trails. My body recovers after hard training so much better with his care which enables me to train harder than ever. I generally have to force myself to take days off because my body feels ready to go everyday. At this point, after seeing such amazing results, I can’t imagine my life without Noble Chiropractic. Thank You!”

Respectfully, Aaron Mickels, Bellingham, WA – Performance and Recovery from Injury

Three Years of Back Pain

“After almost three years of back pain, thinking that more exercise and stretching would relieve the pain, I finally decided to get some medical help. Among the myriad of possibilities that I could have chosen I decided Noble Chiropractic would be the best option. I really appreciate Dr. Noble’s holistic approach, not just treating the symptoms. After only two months I am sleeping better, feeling stronger and living a much better physical life than before.

06/19/2012 – Hunter, Bellingham, WA – Wellness

No more knee pain

“Everyone knows the saying “if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it.” I started seeing Dr. Noble purely on recommendations from several friends in the community. As an elite-level mountain bike racer, my performance and health are crucial to my success, but after years of training, major improvements are hard to come by. Through Dr. Noble’s care, my racing has risen to a consistent high level that I never thought possibleMy power numbers on the bike are higher than ever and my daily physical and emotional health are also the most stable than I have ever seen them.Show More

After the first adjustment it was like the lights turned on in my left leg

“About ten years earlier I severely sprained my left ankle during the off season. After a long slow recovery the following race season was riddled with knee pain and IT band issues. By the end of that season I was pretty burnt out and ready to take some time away from the bike, a lot of time, 10 years. Now that I’m back I have completely different goals but my competitive side is still very much intact. As I continued to train and gain fitness I really started to notice a difference in leg strength. Not only was my left leg weaker but as I gained muscle mass in the right leg the left leg stayed nearly the same. It felt uncoordinated, almost disconnected from my body. I tried some isometric exercises on the bike with no perceivable results.

The quality of life has so vastly improved

“I was skeptical when I started going to Dr. Noble–not because I don’t believe in chiropractic care but because I had been to so many doctors. Since October 2010, I had suffered from constant, severe, debilitating pain all over my body. I wasn’t able to sit or stand for more than five minutes. I spent most of my time on the floor or walking a treadmill or doing light housework. I could only cook wearing heels, and then only if I took breaks lying on the floor. (It took forever to get supper on the table.) After months of sleep deprivation, I started taking Ambien; even then, the pain often punched through. Because I was unable to move freely, my muscles were atrophying. I was well on my way to becoming an invalid at 64 years old.

Dr. Noble is great!

“Dr. Noble is great! I really appreciate Dr. Noble’s willingness to look at the body more globally and not chase symptoms.”

06/05/2012 – Brad, Bellingham, WA – Wellness

Dr. Noble always puts me back on track

“My problem is consistency. I tend to ask for a treatment after I have a problem. Dr. Noble has always been able to put me back on track after a visit or two. When I maintain a routine my body feels great.”

06/04/2012 – Allen, Bellingham, WA – Wellness

A true Healer

“Incredible results! I am a retired chiropractor, and I know when I am being treated by the best. Dr. Noble is an outstanding chiropractor- a true healer.”

06/04/2012 – Rozlynne, Bellingham, WA – Wellness

Thank you for caring so much about your patients

“Dr. Steve Noble has changed the way I look at chiropractic care and my own personal health in general. I feel so much better since I’ve been under Dr. Noble’s care. I never would have believed it unless I experienced it first hand. Because of this wonderful chiropractic care I’ve been able to successfully complete several marathons as well as ultra marathons. I’ve also learned a few good things about the way I eat. Thank you for caring so much about your patients. I couldn’t have been so successful without it.”

06/04/2012 – Jennifer, Bellingham, WA – Wellness

Dr. Noble motivates me to live a healthier lifestyle

“I’ve been treated by Dr. Noble for over a year now. I’m an average runner but after a few months of treatment, I started to notice positive changes in my performance and health in general. He’s been able to identify my “problem” areas and adjust them over time. Dr. Noble motivates me to live a healthier lifestyle. I can’t thank or recommend him enough!!”

06/04/2012 – Shannon, Bellingham, WA – Arm numbness, heel pain, and neck hump!

Feeling fantastic and ready to ride!

“After not being able to ride my bike without knee pain for months on end I made an appointment with Dr. Noble because I’d heard great things. Within months my knee was feeling stronger and I was back to racing. Continued visits have me leaving the office feeling fantastic and ready to ride!”

06/04/2012 – Tim, Bellingham, WA – Knee pain

I have a lot more overall energy

“I initially came in for chiropractic care at Noble Chiropractic on the advice of friends who had watched me struggle with my hamstring for years. Not only has my hamstring improved but I’m finding unexpected benefits in my shoulders, hip, back- all over my body. My running has improved considerably and I have a lot more overall energy. Thanks N.C.!”

06/04/2012 – Megan, Bellingham, WA – Hamstring

Magic Touch

“Dr. Noble definitely has the magic touch and the technology too! I have seen him about 10 times now and my energy level and health are improving significantly. A couple of days ago I had the best workout that I’ve had in the past 10 or 15 years.”

03/19/2012 – David, Bellingham, WA – Wellness

Dr. Noble put me back on the road to good health

“I went to see Dr. Noble for a knee problem that turned out to be related to whiplash issues from a car accident. I had rested that knee for 3 months and it wasn’t getting better. Within just a few treatments, my knee recovered so I could get back to running, and the neck problems related to the car accident are just about resolved. I had no idea whiplash could affect a knee, and Dr. Noble’s treatment of the body as a related system put me back on the road to good health. I’m now planning to take my teenage daughter to him for treatment to address shin splints. ”

03/17/2012 – Joanna, Bellingham, WA – Knee/Wellness

Dr. Noble is a very compassionate individual

“I heard about Dr. Noble through my running club and went to see if he could do anything for some intense mid-back and shoulder pain that I was experiencing. I had given birth via c-section a few months prior and was depleted and really needed to get my back feeling strong so I could carry my baby around. After my first visit, Dr. Noble recommended that I see him three times a week for six weeks if I wanted to see progress on this issue. I was doubtful –that sounded like a HUGE investment in time and expense and I was concerned because I had back pain for a long time and of course didn’t want to waste time or money on another treatment that might not be effective. My insurance only covers 10 visits per year and I knew I would go through those very quickly and have to pay out of pocket. But I was in a lot of pain and Dr. Noble seemed confident that he could help me so I decided to go for it and it has been the best investment.

I have learned from Dr. Noble that spinal health affects many other aspects of wellness and after a few months of treatments I am very excited to say that I feel super healthy! Dr. Noble has a lot of tools in his toolbox and I really like how he is up on the current research and willing to try different methods to heal the body. When he told me he could do something about my gluten sensitivities I was very skeptical, but the craniobiotic technique that he used at one visit worked for me! After nine years of eating gluten free I have been able to reintroduce gluten without all of the negative symptoms that I had experienced previously. This has totally changed my life! I love not having to restrict my diet, especially when I am eating with family or friends or traveling. At the same time Dr. Noble is always giving me ideas about improving what I eat and that has really helped me to feel great.

Dr. Noble also recommended that for my mid-back pain to be alleviated it would be important for me to correct bad habits in my posture. To get to the root cause of the re-occurring problems, instead of just treating the symptoms. When I first came to his office I felt like there was no way I could physically stand up straight and open my shoulders. My shoulders and back felt like a cement block. The chiropractic adjustments and other treatments helped a lot. Dr. Noble also referred me to a great rolfer – Brad Jones – who in a few visits was able to make quite a difference in my shoulder structure and gave me very practical tips about how to correct my posture. Working on my back with Dr. Noble has also encouraged me to make me to make my health a top priority and to find ways to be on the computer less and when I am working on the computer to pay attention to how I am holding my body. Now my back and shoulders feel healthy and don’t hurt!

I have a list of other symptoms that have improved since seeing Dr. Noble, the most important being that I now have a lot of energy which is amazing and has really improved my quality of life! As I mentioned before, I am eating healthier and my blood sugar level seems less erratic and I am not craving sweets as I did before. Some post-pregnancy issues such as numbness in my fingers and issues with my ligaments have been alleviated. I can also say that six months after giving birth I just ran a seven mile race and felt great, so the sports aspect of Dr. Noble’s work has been very helpful.

Dr. Noble is a very compassionate individual who looks at whole body fitness, peak performance and health. I am very grateful for his help.”

07/14/2011 – Summer Ostlund, Bellingham, WA – Back pain, fatigue, allergies, etc.

Dr. Noble is a genius

“Dr. Steve Noble is a genius. 9 months ago I was not able to run and was having to give up cycling. In my first treatment, he was able to make me pain free in less than 10 minutes. As a result of treatments, I was able to run again within one month and have zero difficulty riding my bike. Today my body is stronger and able to recover at a much faster rate and I no longer suffer from debilitating fatigue…thanks for giving me back my life….”

02/03/2011 – Kim , Bellingham – Shoulders, Hips, Low Back

Highest recommendation

“Dr. Noble has my highest recommendation. I am grateful that I went to see him about my neck problem. Apart from providing excellent chiropractic care, he took into account my overall health, i.e. thyroid and sinus issues, energy level, etc. His evaluation was thorough, he was a good listener, and he was caring and insightful in his treatments and recommendations. I feel like a new person. Thank you, Dr. Noble!”

11/06/2010 – Alta, Bellingham, WA – Neck and left arm pain/discomfort

Left with a healthier body all the way around

“I’d been struggling with Tennis Elbow for years. At times I just couldn’t play tennis, let alone grip anything, my elbow hurt so badly. Upon examination, Dr. Noble discovered that my digestive system wasn’t working properly which was contributing to the overabundance of inflammation in my body. Through the use of supplements, laser treatment, and manipulation my digestive issues are gone and my Tennis Elbow is under control. If my Tennis Elbow flares up, Dr. Noble is always able to clear out the inflammation, which keeps me on the Tennis Court where I love to be! I really appreciate that Dr. Noble is dedicated to fixing the ‘whole person.’ I came in looking to relieve my elbow pain, but left with a healthier body all the way around.”

10/25/2010 – Kathy, Bellingham, WA – Tennis Elbow

Dr. Noble is my hero

“Dr. Noble is my hero! I was scheduled to do a 3-day, 220-mile bike ride, the Tour DaVita in Tacoma. But just one week before I found myself suffering from an acute lower left leg injury – cause unknown. My sister-in-law, who had heard Dr. Noble speak at a Bellingham Fit event, suggested I see him. Within two sessions the swelling and inflammation subsided and I was successfully able to complete the ride. I was unfamiliar with laser therapy then but now I am sold! Also, Dr. Noble understood my strong need to accomplish this ride – I was doing it to honor my brother-in-law who had recently died suddenly at age 56 of a heart attack. I appreciated Dr. Noble’s empathy and caring and confident manner. Unfortunately, I live here on the east coast and won’t be able to continue to rely on him…I want him to move here!”

10/10/2010 – Marjorie Latus, Weatogue, CT – Lower leg injury

Dr. Noble helps you have more fun!

“Dr. Noble has helped to keep me happy and smiling while I ride and race my bicycle. It’s always more fun when you feel good. It’s always more fun when you’re faster! Dr. Noble helps you have more fun! I could get into all the services and techniques that Dr. Noble has available to treat patients with, but the bottom line is Dr. Noble works with the patient to return their body to balance. To the way it should be. The way it wants to be. Everything affects everything else. When a body out of balance is returned to balance, normal body functions can seem almost magical. Recovery from hard efforts is lightning quick. My immune system is ridiculously strong. I’ve not been sick for a long time. I usually have pretty serious allergies, but those seem to have gone almost completely away as well.

If you’re interested in getting your body in tip-top shape – again, or for the first time – Dr. Steve Noble can help you do it.”

04/01/2010 – Patrick, Bellingham, WA – Achilles, Recovery, Digestion, Recovery

I can only imagine what I could do if I could see him more regularly

“Dr. Noble is an essential member of Team Craig. It may seem odd to say from 900 miles South, but Dr. Noble is a critical part of a group of advisers I call on to keep me rolling each year. I’ve known Steve as a friend, a fierce MTBer and now as a Doctor. I’ve watched him take his deep understanding of the body as an athlete and add an integrate knowledge of how it actually works as a doctor.

I’m no professional athlete, but I do tend to take on big challenges every year. Dr. Noble’s advice on stretching, nutrition, supplements and recovery have helped me achieve my personal goals of racing the TransRockies and the Leadville 100.

I can only imagine what I could do if I could see him more regularly. 🙂

I highly recommend Dr. Noble!”

03/25/2010 – Craig Dalton, San Francisco, CA – General Wellness

I have Dr. Noble to thank for keeping me healthy

“Its been a little over a year now since I began seeking Dr. Noble’s help. I was a mess when I first showed up in his office. I had shoulder pain that plagued me for 10 + years, back pain, hip pain, chronic migraines, stomach issues and chronic sinus infections. I’m an avid cyclist who wants to become more competitive, not less. Dr. Noble not only treated me with adjustments but looked at the whole body. He immediately started me on a regimen of supplements that helped with digestion, low thyroid, allergies, and aided in recovery.

My recovery is going great

“I have seen Dr. Noble now for about a year. 8 weeks ago I broke my right fibula skiing. High force break. I was trying my best to imitate Bode Miller in the downhill. For the first week after my break I saw Dr. Noble several times. Right away he got me on supplements to start the recovery process. I had surgery about 10 days after the break. I saw Dr. Noble several times throughout my recovery. Taking supplements the whole time. After getting the cast off I saw him several more times.

My recovery is going great. Things are healing fast and now I’ve been back on the bike for 3 days now. The Physical Therapist was amazed at my fast recovery, swelling is almost gone, the surgical site is healing very fast and I feel great. My range of motion in my ankle is ahead of schedule as well. I credit not only doing everything right, but also Dr. Noble’s help with getting me on the right supplements and getting the recovery process going much quicker. ”

03/23/2010 – Stewart Bowmer, Bellingham, WA – Fibula break

If there is a weakness there, he can spot it and ‘up-regulate’ it

“I will take this opportunity to talk up Dr. Noble’s services a bit…I had been intending to see Dr. Noble for at least a year… Typical procrastination on taking care of yourself. After listening to him speak at our sponsor dinner, after breaking my tailbone and battling with lower back pain in every ‘cross race and losing power before the finish, I was finally motivated enough to get some treatment.

I got one treatment, started on some supplements, and put his changes to the test at a Seattle Cyclocross race that very next Sunday at Sprinker Park in Tacoma. My legs were trashed but my back did NOT seize up like it had been. Obviously my result was not good, but wait…it gets better.

I started seeing him two times a week following that, getting treated on everything he could find: back, neck, lazy glutes, old scar tissue on my knee, depleted kidneys & adrenal glands, even emotional stuff. If there is a weakness there, he can spot it and ‘up-regulate’ it.

I did three tough workouts in a row and felt more power all the way through. I teleskiied at Baker,  fixie rode up Vista and around Ferndale the next day, ‘cross rode up to Fragrance Lake the day after – probably about 8 hours of tough leg and back work. Even as my legs were cashing out, I just felt like I could dig a bit deeper into my core to generate power.

The next weekend I went really big. I put on a cyclocross race, biggest course I’ve ever had to build. This takes a ton of energy: lifting heavy equipment, lots of stress, and short on sleep. Then I raced the A’s, which was 55 minutes on what people called a very tough course, and did not even get lapped or take last place! The next day, people who had raced my course were complaining about their legs feeling heavy. I felt fine. From a back row start, in lap 1 I’m with the leaders…I finished 10th which is MY BEST SEATTLE CX RESULT EVER! After 5 years of doing it!

The weekend after this, friends and I climbed up to the towers on Galbraith, which is not a little ride. I had lots of power and core strength to handle climbing up the technical terrain in a bigger gear with that geometry. A day later and I had another race…it took just a half lap and I was in the Top 10 again. I blew by everybody – the leaders were within reach. I crashed twice, once really hard on my head, and got knocked back a few spots but still held on for 13th, and had plenty of gas left on the last lap. I felt like I could do two more…

So there you have it folks – Perennial Cat. 3 racer gets 6 treatments from Dr. Noble, and he’s getting his best results in a long time. Nothing benchmarks your performance improvements like a good hard competition against your peers. Go see him and judge for yourself!”

12/01/2009 – Ryan, Bellingham – Better Performance, Better Recovery and Low Back Pain

The speedy recovery is amazing

“I lost my footing while running and sprained my ankle. Dr. Noble started treatment. The swelling in my ankle went from the size of a baseball to the size of a golf ball in 48 hours after laser treatment, Kinesio taping, and anti-inflammatory supplements. The speedy recovery is amazing. In less than 2 weeks I was able to walk briskly on a treadmill and in less that 3 weeks I am able to jump and I am almost pain-free.”

11/13/2009 – Maureen, Bellingham – Ankle Sprain

Dr. Noble has kept me injury free

“Dr. Noble’s treatments have kept me riding and racing strong day in and day out. I put a huge number of miles in and Dr. Noble has kept me injury free. His nutritional supplements have improved my recovery allowing me to reach peak performance.”

05/13/2009 – Phil, Bellingham, WA – Better Performance, Better Recovery

Feeling Great

“Within one treatment I gained a huge amount of mobility, after the third treatment I could raise my arm over my head and was back riding my bike and racing. Between the laser treatment, the supplements, and the percussor there is almost no pain and am feeling great.”

05/13/2009 – Chris, Bellingham, WA – Shoulder Injury