Reduce Inflammation for Optimal Health

What Is Inflammation? Inflammation is a reaction to a negative stimulus such as infection, injury, or irritation. It can occur internally or externally and produces swelling, warmth, and pain. Temporary inflammation is our body’s way of fighting injury or infection. … Read More

Frozen Shoulder Treatments

This is a case of the same diagnosis being treated two different ways and achieving the same outcome…with two very different time frames. When I first started practice back in 2006 I had a patient come to me with a … Read More

Inflammation – What to eat and what to avoid

Inflammation – hard to calculate,  but possible to limit and diminish. Inflammation can accompany more serious health concerns the likes of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, cancer or Alzheimers.  Our diet plays a major role in contributing towards increasing or decreasing the amount … Read More

Bellingham Bay Marathon Runners

Pacing the Bellingham Bay Marathon

Under the new direction of Ben Twigg, the Bellingham Bay Marathon saw some great changes while maintaining its local spirit. The expo was packed with merch: discounted shoes, marathon tips, guest speakers, local race sign-ups, and BDP’s pacer table, handing … Read More

Woes of a Tailbone Injury

The news of Andy Schleck retiring from professional cycling due to a knee injury is not overly surprising considering his crash in 2012. A few years back, at 29, he was on top of the sport placing 2nd overall at … Read More

Development Of A Child’s Nervous System

When you were just an embryo at about 3 weeks after conception your nervous system started to form. This was your first system and all others came after that because the nervous system is your foundation. And your nervous system, … Read More

Dr. Jeff Spencer

I spent Saturday at a seminar put on by Erchonia (the laser company) and Dr. Jeff Spencer. He taught us more gems on using the laser and gave us some insight into what he did to keep Lance Armstrong and the rest of … Read More