Bellingham Chiropractor Dr. Steve Noble

The best chiropractor in Bellingham, period. I have tried other chiros, but I always come back to Dr. Noble. He is constantly learning new techniques and upping his game over time. He understands the needs of athletes and has the intuition to correct small issues before they become big ones. He is always willing to address my concerns and questions at each appointment. Bailey is always a pleasure to chat with at the front desk and provides excellent service. Highly highly recommend.
Michael C.

One of my earliest memories is of my first BMX win…I was 8 and started in third place but pedaled until I passed the others and crossed the line first. From that day on I was hooked. I loved competing, especially when I won, and BMX and Little League Baseball consumed much of my early childhood. In my middle teens I bought a mountain bike and started racing my last year of high school with the luminaries Joe Murray and John Tomac – they were much faster, of course. It was a fun scene and I rode for hours training to be at my best. I managed some hard-earned wins along the way and developed a lifelong passion for mountain biking.

My Philosophy

I chose to be a chiropractor because I wanted to help people. After being in practice for 12 years, my idea of helping people has evolved. Initially, I wanted to help people recover from injury and get out of pain. After some time I realized that for many people, their bodies were in a constant cycle of pain and injury and helping the symptom was just a patch. I began to work under a more holistic premise, trying to help people break out of that cycle and to feel better overall. This is the idea of “wellness.” In our practice, this is achieved through a combination of chiropractic care, sessions in The Performance Lab, diet and lifestyle changes. My hope for my patients is that they can do the things that bring them happiness without any interference from physical limitations.

My Experience with Chiropractic

In 2001, I was hit by a car while riding my mountain bike on a dirt road. My femur was fractured into 4 pieces and I had a torn MCL and a partially torn ACL and meniscus. I was airlifted to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle. Surgery followed, with a pin being inserted through the center of my femur. Twenty-four hours later, I nearly died from a blood clot in my lung (a pulmonary embolism) and massive bleeding. Luckily it was caught in time and I was stabilized and put on oxygen and units of blood. After eight days of swimming in and out of consciousness in critical care, I was released only to be admitted to Evergreen Hospital the next day with internal bleeding in my leg that created pain that was actually worse than the femur fracture. Two weeks later I left the hospital and flew to Sacramento to stay with my brother Doug and his family while I recovered…I was a mess.

dr-noble-bikingTold I would have trouble getting back on the bike and that I would never do a full squat, I spent the next year doing intensive work to gain back the use of my leg. I spent even more years working to regain my health. The work was hard and intense and at times brought me to tears but today I ride (and squat!) regularly. As with many, my near-death experience was a life changer for me. Given a “second chance at life” I was driven to find work that was challenging and fulfilling. Because chiropractic played an integral part in my recovery and healing, it was a natural choice.


On a Personal Note

I grew up in Sacramento California, attended Community College in Arcata, California and then moved to Boulder, Colorado. I graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder with a bachelor of science in mechanical engineering in 1996. I went to work for Boeing in Seattle and then worked for a Dotcom in San Francisco. Following my accident, I attended Western States Chiropractic College in Portland, Oregon, then moved to Bellingham and established Noble Chiropractic in 2006. My wife Rondelle and I spend our time enjoying the northwest – mountain biking, snowboarding, hiking and camping with our daughter Coral.

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